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Senior Team

PATRICIO PAGANIFounder & Lead Puma

Angel Investor in IOT (portfolio in NZ and South America)

Independent Board member Infotools

International Keynote speaker in Ai/MR

Paragon Partners Founding Member (NGO)

Board member at World Research Associations & ESOMAR Global GMR

ESOMAR Representative (Arg/NZ)/ Former President MRS NZ

VANINA MARTÍNEZSenior Computer Scientist

Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park, USA

Researcher, University of Oxford (2012-2014)


Researcher at CONICET, Argentina

Professor at UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Member of the ” Institute for Research in Computer Science “, Argentina (ICC, UBA-CONICET)

GERARDO SIMARISenior Computer Scientist

Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Maryland College Park, USA

Senior Researcher, University of Oxford, UK (2012-2014)

Currently :
Researcher at CONICET, Argentina
Professor at UNS, Bahía Blanca, Argentina
Member of the “Institute for Computer Science and Engineering”, Argentina (ICIC, UNS-CONICET)
Adjunct Faculty at Arizona State University, USA

Senior HR Manager, Atento

HR Manager, Endesa

20 years experienced HR professional

Diploma in People Analytics, Technologic Institute of Buenos Aires

Postgraduate in Strategic Human Resources Management, University of San Andrés

Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Buenos Aires

CAROLINA MAYASenior Project Director

Strategy Senior consultant on human development and corporate communication

Master in Brand Management, London College of Contemporary Arts, UK

Former CEO, Neurosketch & Strategic consultant, Preséntala

Researcher, Institute of social and cultural studies. Javeriana University, Colombia

FABIÁN CHOCRÓNSolutions Architect

IT Engineer UBA (Hons)

Consulting for: AIG, Apple, Coca-Cola, Deloitte, HP, Sony Computer,

CRM: NCSS Australia + EHI Australia

ERP (global): 50+ customers

MRP (Arg, Uruguay, Brazil, Uruguay): toll-road management


Our team of Ai scientists work in open collaboration with the best academic labs around the world. These are some of our academic lab partners

In partnership with

Department of computer science and engineering
Department of computer science and engineeringUniversidad Nacional del Sur

Lab network of academic partnerships

Dept. Computer Science
Dept. Computer Science Oxford University
Institut D' Investigació en Intel-ligencia Artificial
Institut D' Investigació en Intel-ligencia Artificial
Ai Lab
Ai LabArizona Eller
Ai Lab
Ai LabUniversità della Callabria


We are one of the largest artificial intelligence labs in South America and partner with the best Ai institutes around the world.

Every day, we are faced with some of the most difficult business challenges in the world of artificial intelligence, and we love to challenge conventions and do things different.

We believe in augmented intelligence, artificial intelligence and people working together to create a better world.

We are looking for pumas passionate in the fields of:

Computer vision
Deep learning
Neuro Linguistic processing

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