Change starts with your team’s culture!

Do you have the right ambassadors for your digital data-driven future?

People working on your digital transformation projects are those that create value,
and where change effectively happens.

Build a bottom-up culture of transparency, trust and responsible-caring.

“Digital-transformation virus”

Workshop to build a data-driven organization.

Start your Advanced Analytics cultural transformation process and build a future-enabled culture with our digital transformation (aka ‘Fail-as-a-service Virus’) workshop.

In the workshop we’ll kick start your transformation process by seeding a small (independent) innovation virus-cell in your organisation.

Your transformational virus-cell will ensure you:

Icon_Actionable plans | The Black Puma

Stop just talking “lean, agile” and start deploying data-driven actionable customer-focused plans.

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Develop a fail-small/fail-fast evidence-based culture that delivers on innovation goals.

Icon_Cocreate |The Black Puma

Experiment and co-create.

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Set simple achievable goals.

Icon_Incentives | The Black Puma

Create natural incentives.

Icon_Digital Feedback | The Black Puma

Ensure a digital self-learning feedback loop.

Design and deliver new data-driven services and products

Wanna be ‘agile’ ? Let’s apply ‘design-thinking’ to your current portfolio.

Data Gathering


Workshops to re-think and design the solution.

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Blueprint solution for users to experience.


Design and develop solution.

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Expand solution  and cascade.

We make sure your data-driven digital services and products are developed with your customer ‘at the center’. Ideas are validated with actual people/users, as often as it’s viable. Iterate-iterate-iterate. The dream-sketch-build cycle (& scale once it’s working) enables you to make small course-adjustments as you progress, as opposed to big disruptive changes when you hit a major roadblock.

Do we use open-source components? Nobody in their right mind would build digital assets today without using the best libraries openly available. So yes, having discussed with you the limitations and potential scaling issues of open technologies and licensing, we will use as much open-source code as we possibly can.

As a general principle, we understand that you won’t want to make significant investments in new infrastructure. As much as possible, we will work with your existing architecture and integrate with the solutions that already exist within your organization.