¿Why become a Retail partner?

Because we can help you monetise your behavioral data by running hacks and bringing additional campaign budget from our global clients. Like Coca-Cola, McDonalds & others.

Your data will be anonymized so that only you have control of your Custumer´s personal information.

Operational Benefits from becoming a partner

  • Access to a detailed ontology for the grocery category, with a deep beverage coverage, that can add further metadata to your MDM. 

  • Includes global dictionary of brands & Labels

  • Enables chunking for Ai & ML

  • Allows better & detailed understanding of sales

  • Share new data with your organization

  • Improve Personalization & Experimentation (trial)

  • Set up new enriched reports & analysis

  • Improve your search capabilities

  • Identify consumer insights through behavior 

  • Improve segmentation

  • Define strategies for acquisition & activation using experimentation

  • Obtain additional advertising budget from our clients & additional revenue from our Hacks

Build a future-ready business intelligence engine.