Vanina Martínez PhD in Computer Science

Latin American star talent on Artificial intelligence

Vanina Martínez -one of Black Puma Ai lead data scientists- has been selected by IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine to feature on their 2018 bi-yearly published list of “AI’s Top 10 to Watch”.

IEEE international selection committee made their final selection of candidates based on candidates’ ‘reputation, impact, expert endorsement, and diversity’ and picked Vanina as one of their 10 “future leaders in AI”. According to the selection committee, the winners are 10 groundbreaking young stars that “have demonstrated outstanding AI achievements”.

IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine is one of the most prestigious computer systems and Ai publications for technology leaders that recognize field’s pioneers worldwide.

The publication has a “scientific research impact index’ of 96 (any H-Index above 60 is truly exceptional!).

Back to Vanina, she was the only Latin American woman to receive the prestigious acknowledgment this time round, due to her outstanding contributions to artificial intelligence research.  Since 2005, Vanina has published nearly a hundred scientific papers, in the field of automation and enrichment of databases with uncertain information.  Vanina has developed unique ways to disambiguate and build learning models from inconsistent datasets.

As our leading expert in database normalization and data cleansing, Vanina and her team bring her class expertise to our Black Puma Ai clients. If you want to have a chat with Vanina, write to us at [email protected]

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