Job Opportunity.

We are looking for a talented Analyst who is passionate about data to join our Black Puma team.

Job description.

In this role, you will work closely with some of Argentina top Data Scientists in developing and embedding solutions, tools and processes for our clients.

As a Data Analyst, you must have the ability to manipulate and analyze large, complex data sets and, turning them into actionable business insights. Accordingly, you will be required to build clear and comprehensive reports to allow our clients make decisions accurately and fast.

Is this the work you are looking for?

To grow and be successful in this role, you will ideally bring both personal and technical skills:

We love team players. We are looking for an easy-going team member who feels comfortable interacting and collaborating with people from various backgrounds and different personalities.

Going the extra mile, flexibility, curiosity and creativity will be highly appreciated in your personal profile. Our fluid work will need you to adapt easily to change, and take on projects outside of your scope and be flexible with your schedule.

We embrace eclectic learners hence curiosity will be your secret ingredient. We work in a wide range of industry sectors, so you must be ready to roll up your sleeves to help on other projects, even when they are unfamiliar with your focus area.

Creativity will be your life savior to solve problems. Most of the time you’ll find challenges that “Google can’t answer”. That means that you’ll need to think out of the box to bring solutions and solve problems in a new way.

Technical skills

Proven analytical skills
Meticulous attention to detail
Knowledge of advanced concepts in statistics [1]
Fluency in scripting language (Python)
Advanced capabilities for working with DBMSs [2]
Great time-management skills
Familiarity with BI tools [3]
Great data visualization skills
Proven communication skills [4]
Experience in core analytic methods [5]
Familiarity with machine learning [6]

[1] Knowledge of R is a plus.

[2]Advanced capabilities for working with Database Management Systems. Ability to write complex SQL queries and to manage non trivial database systems. 

[3] For example: Microstrategy, Tableau, ClickView

[4] Able to explain data science concepts in an understandable manner and, ability to translate analysis outcomes into commercial solutions.

[5] Predictive modeling, customer segmentation/clustering  will be a plus. 

[6] Familiarity with modern machine learning techniques and their mathematical underpinnings is not required but also a plus.

How do you apply for this job?

Write a cover letter (700 words maximum) and tell us why do you want this job and why should we hire you?

Include a resume with relevant experience and knowledge that support your cover letter.

Submit your application at:

[email protected]